Newcomer youth lace up their skates for the first time

“Skating was so much fun. It was hard at first and the falls hurt but I will keep practicing. Thank you for organizing the great day for our families.” -Kids Count participants

Kids Count

Kids Count is an event-based program that provides kids with opportunities that can have life-long impact. Giving kids an opportunity to participate in activities and achieve their goals, while learning how to work with one another builds trust, self-esteem and confidence — skills that are essential for a healthy, balanced life. We know our programs are making a difference. Kids Count takes Kids Up Front’s signature ticketing recycling program, “Can’t Use Your Ticket?” one step further to turn kids from passively watching to actively doing. Kids Count encourages kids to become active participants in sporting and recreational activities and engages kids in arts and cultural endeavors for the first time.

Kids Count Program Goals: Thousands of children and youth in Canada face socio-economic challenges that prevent them from accessing recreational events. The goal of Kids Count Program is to remove barriers and provide children in Canada with new opportunities. Kids Count inspires children by exposing them to sport and recreation as well as taking kids out of the stands and onto the field, out of the audience and onto the stage, and turns kids from observers into players.

Impact, Benefits and Outcomes:Children and youth, who otherwise would not have the opportunity, are positively influenced by their attendance at live events. For many children seeing their heroes live inspires them to engage in activities they otherwise would not have connected with.


Kids Count encourages unique experiences that are driven by the passions of our donors. What do you have to give?

To sponsor a Kids Count event please call Lindsay at 416-479-6926

CIBC Theatre for ALL

CIBC Theatre for ALL will again be offered by each of the four Kids Up Front Foundations located in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Toronto.

We are thrilled to partner with CIBC once again to provide deserving kids with great opportunities.

Thousands of children and youth in Canada face socio-economic challenges that prevent them from accessing arts and cultural community events. The goal of CIBC Theatre for All is to remove barriers and provide children in Canada with the opportunity to experience a live theatre production, the ballet, or the symphony to educate and inspire. Children and youth, who otherwise would not have the opportunity, are positively influenced by their attendance to arts and cultural events. Through CIBC Theatre for All we have the potential to reach future performers and ignite the creative spark that can lead kids to a life connected with the arts. The benefits of exposure to arts and culture have been recognized and documented for many years, yet many children in Canada still experience barriers to community participation.

CIBC will become Kids Up Front Canada’s primary cultural partner in arts education beyond the classroom. CIBC’s support nationally will allow more Canadian children in need to experience firsthand the magic of our creative cities.

“CIBC and its employees are pleased to support the national expansion of the Theatre for All program,” says Richard Nesbitt, Senior Executive Vice-President, CIBC and Group Head, Wholesale, International and Technology and Operations. “Our support for Kids Up Front Foundation is made possible through our CIBC employees, who each year donate their fees and commissions on the first Wednesday in December as part of CIBC Miracle Day. We are proud to have invested in more than 400 children’s charities last year to help make a difference for kids in need.”

“CIBC through partnering with all four regional Kids Up Front Foundations is making it possible for more Canadian children and youth to be enriched through getting exposure to live arts and cultural performances. This is a significant investment in kids, the arts and community by CIBC. Kids Up Front Foundation is ecstatic to play a contributing role.” Lindsay Oughtred, Executive Director, Kids Up Front Foundation Toronto.

In Toronto: During March Break 2011, Kids Up Front sent more than 150 children to the Young People’s Theatre production of Alice in Wonderland. More than half of the children who attended had never sat in a theatre before. The experience opened hundreds of hungry young minds to the magic of live theatre. The feedback we received was remarkable.

“Thank you for the wonderful opportunity we had as a family to see Alice in Wonderland. Our boys sat on the edge of their seats watching and were mesmerized by the entire performance and couldn’t stop talking about it afterward. It was such a unique experience for them – especially since they tend to want SPORTS stuff only. Kids Up Front gave my boys a first and turned them onto theatre!” Mother, South African Women for Women

On June 13, 2011, Kids Up Front sent 250 older youth to the Fallen Rock Production of RENT.

“I had an 18 year old just visit me to pick up her tickets – she is a crown ward who has had a very hard life. Despite her circumstances she graduated high school, the first in her family and is majoring in theatre at Ryerson. She can’t afford to go to live performances. She knows all the RENT songs by heart and was so excited when her social worker called she came straight here to get the tickets She wants to take her former Foster Mom as a thank you.” Patty, Development Officer, Catholic Children’s Aid Services

Kids Up Front and the thousands of children we serve would like to applaud our Theatre Partners in Toronto for helping us to providing cultural experiences to underprivileged children from 150 social service agencies and schools in Toronto.

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