TYS10K Fundraising Champions!

For the second year in a row, the Kids Up Front Toronto team raised the most money of the 12 charities entered in the TYS10K Charity Challenge and will, as a result, receive an additional $2000 for a total of $22 000!

We would like to extend a HUGE thank you to all of our amazing runners and walkers. Each of our teammates had a successful day on Yonge Street, whether they crushed their fundraising goal, set a new PB record, or tackled their first 10 km race.

Thanks to: Allison Sinclair, Aurea Dempsey, Brandon Anchor, Carol McFarlane, Charlene Gilmour, Claire Cameron, Corey McBurney, Elias Paisley, Joan Teri, Jorge Del Solar, Kate Gustafson, Kiersten Taylor, Laura Sexton, Lindsay Oughtred, Maddie Franks, MJ Nahe, Nadia M., Nawal Al-Busaidi, Niall Robertson, Nico McBurney, Nicole McLaren, Pam Hansen, Rubina Khan, Ryan O’Flanagan, Sara Pickersgill, Shae Frosst and Tanya Frosst

Pam Hansen, Maddie Franks, Lindsay Oughtred, Tanya Frosst, Ryan O'Flanagan, Corey McBurney, Nico McBurney; Front: Bourne McBurney, "KUF Ticket Collector"

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